Monday, June 08, 2015

Miguel Stimulates Our Senses

So I only managed to make it four episodes into Sense8 over the weekend, meaning I still have 8 (appropriate number) episodes to go, meaning I don't really want to talk too much about it just yet. I haven't even gotten to the scene depicted above, but I've had a difficult time not looking up sexy gifs beforehand as this post and this post from Friday had already made clear. And it'll probably take me through the weekend to finish the show, given my schedule.

But so far so good! It is very sexy indeed, and I'm already wrapped up in seeing how The Wachowskis fit the sprawling puzzle together. Surprisingly, given my pre-viewing obsessions, it's actually two of the women who are my favorite characters so far -- Doona Bae as Sun is number one kick-ass, and Erendira Ibarra is super appealing as someone who can't get enough of watching Miguel Angel Silvestre and Alfonso Herrera having sex with each other. Sing it, sister.

Have you watched it? If you wanna share 
non-spoilery thoughts hit the comments!


Yummy Pizza said...

The show just gets better and better and it's reaching amazing status the more I watch. My hard has been racing over some truly thrilling moments and I've gotten all teary eyed a LOT. It's just gorgeous to look and and the music is amazing and I love all the characters. Even the "boring" ones aren't boring, if you know what I mean. I just finished episode 10 and I kind of wish I was unemployed so I didn't have to go to bed and could finish the rest.

Yummy Pizza said...

*heart, not "hard". Oh and I've also gotten aroused on multiple occasions. Important to make clear.

gabriel said...

funny, cause i'm enjoying my first unemployed days to watch it non-stop (except for game of thrones and penny dreadful). couldn't agree more with yummy and JA, it's a great show and even the cheesy parts are fun. I also love wolfgang's storyline and am glad they are exploiting max very properly. :)

Jeffrey S. Wasinger said...

Loved it and am re-watching to savor many many scenes. Love the binge hate the time in-between. MAX MAX MAX. Wolfgang sort of IDK love him but its a sad sort of love. Loved the scene towards the end of the episodes when many of them were walking between the memorial pillars? Holocaust thing (forgive my ignorance not sure what they were) Iceland and yep all of it was good in my book. The group sex scene was hothothot now I'm rambling. Oh and Gabriel love me some Penny Dreadful!
Oh and the trans character HELLO! I'm going to stop now.

WarrenC. said...

Alfonso Herrera is the one to watch here for me; I read in an interview that Miguel enjoyed his intimate scenes with Alfonso because "he smelled really good." Hoping Alfonso gets more meatier parts in America after this.

Anonymous said...

Miguel is god-sent....the initial reviews were lukewarm so I didn't expect much
but wow what a ride it has been....sense8 is probably the most enjoyable TV series I've watched this year:)

Anonymous said...

The show really picks up after episode 4 (can sometimes be a bit of a slog)... the "orgy" scene is amazingly sexy and am falling in love with Wolfgang. What a hottie