Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Max Riemelt Seven Times


I've gotten more messages this week from all y'all crushing on Max Reimelt in Sense8 than for anybody else, so here's a nice little bit of coverage. I know he shows a lot of skin in Free Fall, that gay movie he did that got a lot of good attention, but even though I've been meaning to watch it for ages I haven't gotten around to it yet so you shouldn't expect me to be posting any shots from that until it's properly seen. Them's the breaks! And no I haven't been able to watch more of Sense8 since yesterday's post; Penny Dreadful + Halt and Catch Fire took priority last night. We'll get there.


tanpoffel said...

He's hot, yes, and has nothing against nudity, no, but with a good director -- and only with a good one! -- he can also act! He's fantastic in films like NAPOLA, THE WAVE and THE FOURTH STATE (all directed by Dennis Gansel).

Jean Baptiste said...

See him in FREE FALL & SENSE 8 he's just amazing!