Monday, June 22, 2015

Long Live Hannibal

The best show on television has been cancelled. TV Line's reporting that the currently-airing third season of Hannibal will be its last. I'm straight up fucking distraught. We have ten hours of it left -- the finale supposedly airs on September 3rd. So we best cherish it while we've got it then. I know I can't wait to see what Bryan Fuller & Co do with the Red Dragon storyline, at least. And then I guess we turn our sad eyes towards Bryan's adaptation of Neil Gaiman's American Gods for our fix. And I have no doubt that Bryan will come out of this well - the show never got big ratings but he's made it clear that whatever he touches is an event for the more discerning.


Matt Vessell said...

NBC is run by a group of idiots. HANNIBAL is one of the most unique, quality driven shows on network tv. While it is certainly NOT for everyone, I absolutely LOVE it. Hoping NETFLIX will grab it!

Anonymous said...

Thank god they're at least able to finish the season. A luxury Fuller hasn't been offered before.
Terrible news anyway.

Adam said...

This was devastating although, I suppose, not unexpected. An eloquent blood soaked baroque arthouse horror series surviving three seasons on network TV seems unparalleled. Since you're friendly with Bryan Fuller, please keep our hope alive knowing someone else will pick this up given the low production cost and international appeal...? It just HAS to happen, right