Monday, June 22, 2015

I'm Gonna Go Home Now...

... and bite my pillow and
watch Penny Dreadful and forget 
this horrible world for a little bit! Bye!

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Lizou said...

I've been sadly away from your lovely blog for about a week now, and when I return I'm greeted with a banner of Mombi's extra heads, a Penny Dreadful via Josh Hartnett nod, "remember Fassy in Fishtank," and the "Long Live Hannibal" post, these things are relieving my Monday stresses. Thank you! That said, the news about Hannibal is disappointing, not surprising but still disappointing. I need say no more, you probably have had the same thoughts and reaction I did, or at least have heard and read the same opinions. As fans of the show we are all disheartened by this news. But I can't hold my tongue on one thought, when I saw episode two, the scene of Will sinking into the blood ocean in the sliver of light my first thought was "dat ass' and my second thought was "can't wait to see that gif on MNPP."