Friday, June 12, 2015

I Hope Not Sporadically

I was just going to post that picture of Jake (via) because it's a picture I've never seen before and a Jake picture never seen before is a stratospheric kindness none of us deserve, none of us! But we'll take it. That said I found more of a purpose for this post thanks to MNPP friend Jason (thanks Jason!) who sent me this picture from his local Cinematheque:

I'm millimeters away from abandoning my day-job and becoming a wanderer, a nomad, criss-crossing the country movie-theater by movie-theater, gathering up every single one of these Southpaw standees and ultimately, once they've all been snatched properly, building myself a home in the wilderness from them, twelve stories high, deep with Gyllen-flesh, to live the remainder of my most happy days within. Millimeters. If you see one, lick it for me.

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