Thursday, June 25, 2015

I Am Link

--- Tom Times Two - A second longer bigger newer trailer for the Two Tom Hardys movie Legend, in which he plays the real-world mobster twin Kray brothers, has dropped - watch it over here. It looks like they fixed some of the wonky CG from the first trailer (see that one here) but they also sanded off the already-barely-there gay edges too. Whatever, it's just a trailer - I'm sure the movie won't skimp on scenes of Taron Ejerton and Tom smacking each other's bare asses, right?

--- Sassy Lady - Just before the Emmy nominations arrive (come on come on come on) Lisa Kudrow and show-runner Michael Patrick King talked to Deadline about The Comeback (thanks Mac) - they talk about its first season, its second season, and... its third season? They aren't rushing it but they sound pretty sure it will happen... when it happens. Regarding how they situate that against the way the show ended, King says:

"But you can easily hear Valerie saying, ‘Gotta win another. Wasn’t on stage. Never had my moment,’ I was at a lunch once in the middle of the afternoon, in an empty restaurant at a table for four with an Oscar-winning actress. The waiter came over and said, ‘You can’t sit at a four-top if there’s only two of you.’ That was the rule, and it didn’t matter who she was."

--- Resurrect The Cannibal - Just the other day I said that Amazon ought to pick up Hannibal since they own the show's streaming right already - well proving I am smart, that sounds like where Bryan Fuller's eyes are lasered in on, too. He talked to THR about that and where the current season's headed. Oh and Lee Pace is sad that the show was cancelled, too. We have so much in common, Lee! You should come over and we can commiserate.

--- Creed's Woman - Ex Machina actress Alicia Vikander is going to be in the new Jason Bourne movie so she will not be starring opposite her real-world boyfriend Michael Fassbender in the Assassin's Creed movie - good! She doesn't need all his damn time! Anyway some lady named Ariane Labed is taking the part; she's apparently very good in Yorgos Lanthimos' new film The Lobster, which is a movie I need right fucking now.

--- Good Girl - J'adore Francois Ozon and j'adore Romain Duris (mmm Romain Duris) so I'm pretty psyched that they've got a movie coming out together - it's called The New Girlfriend and it's coming out here in the US in September and The Playlist has the first trailer. Looks like Romain is getting his lady on. I have to admit that the thought of Romain Duris shaving his gloriously furry self makes me incredibly depressed.

--- Suffocating Dwarves - I should've linked to this one yesterday when I posted David Gordon Green talking about his aborted Suspiria remake - here is Green in another interview (he's making the rounds since his Al Pacino movie Manglehorn just came out on Friday) talking about... all kinds of nonsense, really. It's an awesomely all-over-the-place chat. but most importantly it led us all to this old interview with the director of the Garbage Pail Kids movie, which must be read to be believed. This part!

"We got dwarves-- there's plenty of them-- we got dwarves and, you know, put heads on 'em, and found out how long they could survive in there without breathing, and it turned out to be about five, seven minutes."

--- Beaster Than Ezra - I did not expect Ezra Miller to take off after We Need To Talk About Kevin - I mean I thought he was good and all but he's... not typical, ya know? And then he came out as "gay-ish" and I really figured he wouldn't be taking off. But then it was announced that he's playing the Flash for DC and that seemed big but it's getting even bigger - he's in talks to be the second lead (after Eddie Redmayne) in JK Rowling's new series of films, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. Wowza! He's about to be the biggest gay-ish thing around.

--- By Any Other Name - When I read through it I thought that this interview with Rose McGowan at Gawker by Rich Juzwiak was great - they talk about her short film (which is already online in full and which you can watch over there) and her weird life and those controversial comments she made last year about gay men and parade floats and the conversation is passionate and interesting... then I made the mistake of skimming Gawker's comment section and ugh, people do not seem to agree. But then Gawker's comment section is always exhausting, so I don't know why i let my eyes wander down there in the first place.

--- And Finally, this teaser for Netflix's upcoming Wet Hot American Summer spin-off series slash prequel thing is everything I wanted it to be times ten. Gimme! Gimme gimme!


nothanksma'am said...

Sorry Ezra gurl, I don't like femmes. :/

Bill_the_Bear said...

The Ozon film opened here in Montréal at the beginning of the month. It's quite good; rather kinky, in fact...but then, Ozon has been getting into psychological weirdness in his latest films, especially "In the House."

I'm not sure if Duris shaves his body (probably at least his legs), but he still has his 5 o'clock shadow at around 10 AM, which makes for an interesting man in woman's clothing.

Also watch for Anaïs Dumoustier, the red-haired actress in the trailer; she's quickly turning into the latest "it" girl of French movies, popping up in lots of them, seemingly all at once. (Sort of like what Raphaël Personnaz did a couple of years ago, where suddenly he was in EVERYTHING.)