Thursday, June 18, 2015

How Eion Spent His Summer

Eion Bailey -- who just had a birthday last week, happy birthday, and who we've definitely loved longer than you so step the fuck off -- has landed a new role! He starring in a movie called Extortion opposite Frank Grillo (mmm Frank Grillo) and Barkad Abdi, as "a doctor on vacation with his family in the Caribbean who finds himself stranded in a vulnerable situation and extorted by an opportunistic migrant fisherman." (Thanks Mac.) Abdi's feeling a little bit typecast as an "opportunistic migrant fisherman" there but then it's nice to see a talented actor that I feared Hollywood would have nothing to give getting some work. Anyway I hope that the "vulnerable situation" Eion finds himself in involves him and Frank Grillo and ROMANCE. Plus the film is currently shooting in Puerto Rico and it is very hot in Puerto Rico in June so let's hope we see lots and lots of this too...

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