Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Good Morning, World

Guess who? Yup it's the Insta-minx Nico Tortorella again. I guess I need to have a weekly edition of these Nico posts? It's turning out that way anyway. Let's check in on Nico and see what he's up to...

Oh right he's not wearing clothes.
That's what it was. Only this time...

... he's not wearing clothes... in Europe. 
Hey I've been right there!

Only they'd covered half the side of the Duomo in Milan with an ad for a Transformers movie when I was there. (I can't believe I never posted this picture when I got back from this trip in 2011.) And you guys wonder why I can't stand Michael Bay. I'd have preferred shirtless Nico Tortorella to that. (I mean, clearly.)

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