Friday, June 05, 2015

Good Morning, World

The Wachowskis new series Sense8 drops on Netflix today and there's an underpants-clad smattering of Miguel Angel Silverstre to get us in a sufficiently saucy sci-fi mood. In case you missed it here's some of our previous posts on the show - here's the first trailer and here's some of the gratuitous stuff from further clips. The reviews I've skimmed have been mixed but with Miguel & Friends sexing it up all over the place it would take a Mac Truck to keep me from it. And in terribly important related news LOOK WHAT HAPPENED:

Well, I can die now.

1 comment:

mangrove said...

Jesus, all that star-fucking! From Jake's PR team to Jonathan Tucker's latest cum gutters display... I hope your S.O. doesn't ever find out! :)