Friday, June 26, 2015

Good Morning, World

Jason Schwartzman -- who is turning 35 today, happy birthday, Jason Schwartzman - has been all over the place over the past couple of weeks doing press for The Overnight, his "sexy" comedy with Adam Scott and that woman from Orange is the New Black and some other blonde lady with an accent. Last night I got home from my movie and he and Adam were on Conan getting their hair checked for lice? I don't know. But they keep pushing the fake dicks for the movie and I wish they'd stop - the fake dicks are the worst part of a just okay movie and if people go in with dick expectations they will not be met by those uncanny silicone cocks. 

Anyway with all this dick talk it made me forget it's actually really hard (hardy har) to find Jason Schwartzman nudity until I tried to do so this morning - everything I found was from the last time I did one of these posts two years ago! Once again proving I'm the one-stop-shop for such nonsense. Anyway I'm just glad I could use this opportunity to once again convince myself I do worthwhile things, is my point. In that vein, here's two pictures of Jason to finish us off. Happy Gay Pride, everyone!

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drewthemoviefan said...

Is it true he also shows his (real) butt in The Overnight?