Thursday, June 04, 2015

Good Morning, Gratuitous Mads Mikkelsen

I hope you've polished the silver cuz Hannibal is back tonight and we're gonna eat him right up! The third season of Bryan Fuller's slick horror masterpiece of ominous dread and ominouser dandelion wine scooches up to the table at 10pm and you'd best be ready, you'd best have gotten all your shots, you'd best be dressed well and you'd most best be on time - Hannibal doesn't like it if you're rude, after all.

Anyway I was looking at this fantastic fan-site last week and found several new-ish Mads Mikkelsen photo-shoots worth posting and so here we are, posting. Save these two first pictures you shouldn't expect a lot of skin but you can click here or click here or click here for some (read: LOTS) of that from Mads. And now let's hit the jump, stare at Mads, and begin the long torturous process of waiting all day for Hannibal to start, shall we?

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yinzerella said...

I'm so stoked about tonight I can't stand it.
I made a little dish in honor of the premiere, check it out if you're interested.

Also, thanks for all the Mads!