Thursday, June 18, 2015


I don't know what the photo-shop folks at EW did or didn't do to Chan there but they kind of made him look awful? I mean from far away its okay but up close it's a big ol' mess. He's all weirdly stumpy. Anyway Joe and Matt look good, even though I don't entirely believe that's all Matt's body there - he's not been that ripped in any of the pictures we've seen. Am I complaining? What the fuck is wrong with me? Shut me up somebody. I know just how you can do it - take that big ol' exclamation point there...

In related news did you guys see that Reddit Q&A that Channing did yesterday? HitFix has some highlights (thanks Mac) and besides finding out his dick is named Gilbert (remind me to speak to Gilbert if I ever meet the man behind Gilbert) he also shared this tidbit about threesomes, which has got me thinking it's time to get friendly with Jenna Dewan:

"Offer her something that she wants if she doesn't want that. And two it can't be a double standard. If you want a threesome with a girl then you have to offer a threesome with a guy. It's all equal opportunity. So be careful what you ask for." 


Anonymous said...

He's a full on monet.

Heather said...

First thing I thought was "That's not Bomer's body." Then I looked at Tatum and thought, who the F photoshopped this thing? It takes away a bit of the joy and yummy feelings. Can I sue EW for emotional distress?

Glenn said...

That quite really does imply that he's had an mfm threesome.

And, yeah, the photoshopping is terrible. IS that Bomer's body? And Channing just looks weird. Lanky? Does he look lankier than usual? I can't tell what it is, but it ain't him.

Scot said...

Apparent;y Gilbert is big and blue with sharp corners!