Thursday, June 04, 2015

Do Dump or Marry - Maui Wowie

I am having a terrible time imagining what the hell Colin Farrell, Adam Driver and Scott Eastwood would have to talk about with each other, but that there picture from the Maui Film Festival yesterday (via) proves that there was a moment in time when those three people did indeed speak to each other, even if it was just long enough for Scott to tell them all to wait while he turned for the camera to get his good side. But what about us? Imagine it's you taking the picture. This is your chance! Do Dump or Marry the three of them, in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Dump: Eastwood because he's handsome but fuck no
Do: Adam because he seems like an interesting guy and I bet he'd give you a memorable fuck but it might be too rough to deal with on the regular
Marry: Colin because he's handsome, has a great accent, and I've seen his sex tape

Mads said...

Oh, this is [i]so[/i] easy.

Do: Scott Eastwood.
Dump: Adam Driver.
Marry: Colin Farrell.

Kelley Bradley said...

Do: Scott Eastwood
Dump: Adam Driver
Marry: Colin Farrell

not necessarily in that order

Anonymous said...

I would most definitely...
DO: all three
DUMP: Scott Eastwood
MARRY: Colin Farrell and keep Adam Driver as my sideline ho

forever1267 said...

(I want to see that sex tape!!!)

Do: Eastwood
Dump: Driver
Marry: Farrell, who isn't really my type at all, but I find him very, very sexy!!!

Prospero said...

Dump Adam, do Scott, Marry Colin

Anonymous said...

do colin for that fat stubby cock
dump eastwood cause show biz kids are whiny assholes.
marry adam cause quirky guys are the best in bed and love a prominent nose on a man. even though i think he kissed that pig lena dunham [don't know for sure don't watch her gross ass] and prolly got hysterical feminist cooties.)


Branden Renfro said...

I want to DO Scott, because I want to.
DUMP Adam Driver. He looks like a hobbit. Sorry about it.
MARRY Colin Farrell. Maybe have a threesome with his gay brother. Ding, ding, ding!