Monday, June 15, 2015

Do Dump or Marry: Gay Boys

I don't know off the top of my head if we've ever done an All Gay Edition of "Do Dump or Marry" here at MNPP but it's well past time I'd say, so thanks to EW for chatting with the comedian Billy Eichner and actors Jonathan Groff and Andrew Rannells for a piece on gay stuff (Happy Pride Month, ya know)...

... and including this trio of fine pictures of the three, who are apparently friends in real life. The chat is fun, you should read it, but first hit the comments and tell me which of these three you'd do, which you'd dump, and which you'd marry. Do it!


joel65913 said...

Do-Billy Eichner
Dump-Andrew Rannells (there's just something about him that sets my teeth on edge)
Marry-Jonathan Groff

Doug said...

Do: Rannells
Dump: Eichner
Marry: Groff

remy said...

Do: Eichner
Dump: Rannells
Marry: Groff

Drew said...

Go to brunch with Rannells

Gossip and drink with Eichner

Marry, love, treasure, show off and tell everyone I know, "I'm doing Jonathan Groff"

das buut said...

Do: Rannells.
Muzzle then bury in a box in the Iraqi desert with a phone: Eichner.
Marry: Groff.

Ghostface Millah said...

Wow, most people think Groff is the marrying type, but I find him kinda boring...

Do: Rannells
Dump: Groff (meh)
Marry: Eichner

Anonymous said...

Andrew Rannells' face is disgusting, he looks like a gay ventriloquist dummy ugh. And the way he talks, no fucking bueno. Eichner is flabby and busted in the face. Groff is tolerable, I guess.

Jonathan said...

^yikes! Tell us how you really feel. ;)
Do Rannells
Dump Eichner
Marry Groff

par3182 said...

KILL: eichner

that's all, i'm satisfied