Monday, June 15, 2015

Bird Boy

I mentioned nepotism in a post last week in reference to Gia and Sofia Coppola and there were some angry comments dropped, but can we all agree that Jack Huston's only got a career because of his last name, at least? I don't get him at all, and I'm extraordinary happy to hear he's had to drop out of The Crow reboot because of a scheduling conflict. Now if he could just drop out of everything he's attached to and go get a job in an office or something that's be one less soggy sheet of cardboard I'll that be forced to choke on at the movies, hip fucking hooray. 

In even better news, the names the studios throwing out into the world to replace him are Nicholas Hoult and Jack O'Connell! I mean given the way this project's proven itself cursed (I don't mean the sad Brandon Lee history; I mean the way names like Bradley Cooper and Luke Evans have sloughed off this project one after the other after the other for years now) I don't know that I'd advise either of them to take it, but hey it gives me an excuse to post a picture of Nicky, so we're cool. Nicky would look great with the eye make-up.


Anonymous said...

Re: "Nicky would look great with the eye make-up."I would not have thunk that but after Mad Max, I'll pretty much think anything of Nicky. I guess I shouldn't have ruled him out since Warm Bodies, but he still seemed a little too safe and clean for me to play The Crow. Now though, have him do anything. I'm cool with that.

The bloody munchkin

dk468 said...

oh really?
Sofia Coppola is an ugly talentless cow who makes the same film over and over again , that is, all about poor little rich girl(s)! The Megalomaniac who infamously said at cannes his disgusting Apocalypse Now is not about the Vietnam War but the Vietnam itself! that vile egomaniac should have been sterilized so that he would NOT have spawned those ridiculous miscreatures!

ugh and puke!!!

FoxVerde said...

Isn't that crow role cursed? I wouldn't do it either.
But yeah nepotism sucks, and it's even worse when you get the feeling they take it for granted. Fishface Paltrow anyone? Cate Blanchett should have received THAT oscar too.