Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Big Bite Outta Eli

Word on the street is Eli Roth is going to direct the killer prehistoric shark movie Meg, based on the 1997 book by Steve Alten (it's actually a series of five novels), about a Megaladon terrorizing the California coast. Yes you've seen this movie on SyFy a dozen times now, but now it'll have a budget! Warner Brothers is apparently high off the fumes of Universal's mega-success with Jurassic World and they want their own dino-thriller. I could've sworn I'd written about this project before and a quick search turned up this post from 2006 wherein a VFX company released some video of test-footage with a giant shark fighting a helicopter; in that post I quoted them saying that Jan De Bont was supposed to direct the film, and Guillermo Del Toro was producing! Clearly that didn't happen. Anyway Eli's been shark-nuts lately; he's done some work for Discovery's upcoming annual Shark Week, too. (thanks Mac; pics via)

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