Friday, May 01, 2015

The Neverending Efron

I'm sort of starting to feel trapped! 
Trapped by Zac Efron's flesh!

I know to complain in such an instance is infinite hogwash, so I'm not going to do that, exactly. What I will say is after a full week of editing down pictures of Zac's manly business - see this post and this post and this post - it's just begun to feel...

... uninspired. But I'm seeing it through. 
For you. The sacrifices I make.

Hit the jump for another dozen or so!


Anonymous said...

Is it wrong that I'm more impressed by Robert De Niro's 72 year-old physique than Zac's?

JA said...

Not at all, Anon! I tweeted something about that yesterday. Bob looks great for his age.

Unknown said...

Thanks for all of these! Does anyone know the fit fella on the left in the last shot? Initially, I thought that he were Hartley Sawyer, but I don't believe he has a cleft chin. ~R.