Monday, May 11, 2015

The Men From Beard

I found the pictures from this weekend's Rome photo-call for The Man From UNCLE generally annoying (via, thanks Mac) because Henry Cavill & Armie Hammer refused to stand anywhere near each other, always keeping a girl buffer between themselves to stop another outbreak of the gay from happening, so I wasn't going to bother posting them... but then I realized I just had to ask this question.

Who Wore the Beard Best?

Armie Hammer0%
Henry Cavill0%
Guy Ritchie0%

Do you think they're having some sort of beard-grow competition or something? I feel like if they were having a beard-grow competition they'd have told us about it already so all this hair made some sense. I love some beard but it is an awful lot of beard all at once. All things in moderation, fellas.


das buut said...

Henry did the summer he dated that annoying girl from Big Bang Theory.

Dave R said...

It wouldn't surprise me if the distance between them in pics is to offset the fact that one is tall and the other is... not so tall.