Wednesday, May 06, 2015

That's More Like It Magic Mike XXL

I feel bad about bitching out that minute-snippet that the Magic Mike XXL team released yesterday for staying relatively skin-free now that they've released the proper trailer and it is, for all intents and purposes, the opposite. Indeed they even poke me in the eye about it with their text saying they 'didn't want to show the best parts of the movie in this trailer but it was very... very... hard"...

... I know where they're coming from.
(Hey they brought up the word "come" first.)
Here's the full trailer:
Here's a link to the film's first trailer; I didn't bother re-capping stuff that was in the earlier version. I did however bother capping all of the new stuff, so hit the jump and we'll all get a little bit wet together looking at that...

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Sandisan said...

"Sorry boss. I can't do any more work today. I need to watch this gif of Joe Manganiello thrusting his hips at a soda machine FOREVER."