Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Scares Come Home

Watching a bunch of commercials for the networks' upcoming new shows one after another in a row has a distinctly surreal and insidery Comeback or Episodes feel to it - a "This is really what you guys are making? Really?" feel. Well with the so-called "upfronts" happening right now they're dropping these things online alongside their release there so we can all have that special WTF feeling together! Lucky us. DH gathered up a whole bunch right here, but I wanna take a quick look at three, all dealing with our favorite subjects: hot guys and horror! Let's start with the best one...

I have no idea if the rest of the slaughtered party-goers in the teaser for the Scream TV series are somebodies but that's definitely Teen Wolf's Tyler Posey at the end (seen above) right? He's not listed on the show's cast-list so maybe this is just a one-off gag for the trailer as a favor to his network. Whatever the case, I love this teaser, it's funny and gross and exactly what Scream should feel like. Watch it!

Fun right? I had very very little enthusiasm going into this, what with all the news so far being about how divorced everything is from the originals (No ghost-face? WTF!) but this was clever enough that I'm paying attention now. I do wonder if Ryan Murphy's Scream Queens and this might cancel each other out, though. Next up...

That there is the British actor Tom Ellis via the trailer for Lucifer, in which he's playing you guessed it the fallen angel himself. I have to say I liked Ellis in the many many many still shots of him I posted in this great big gratuitous post I did for him when this show was announced in March more than I am liking him in motion? I suppose saying that he comes off as smarmy is being ridiculous since he's playing you know THE DEVIL, but he needs to dial things down a notch, based off this trailer. And all the Underworld angel wing nonsense is giving my eyes a headache. Watch it:
See what I mean? It kind of feels like a joke; like something Episodes would cook up to make fun of Network TV with. Awhile back in that barren post-Buffy landscape I lamented the total absence of any horror on television but this show isn't what I had in mind. It's like Dante's Entourage. (If it's a success - which it won't be - I'm going to keep calling it that.) Anyway next up...

... is one we've yapped about a few times this week (see here and see here) - it's the trailer for The Frankenstein Code, starring Rob Krazinsky. Two things on the above gif: yes, Rob's got visible bulge in those tight-pants, and two:I know his shirt says "LOOKING GLASS" from other shots in this trailer but in the shot the "GL" is missing in a fold of fabric, so... you get the joke. Anyway watch it:


Anonymous said...

Who can focus on new horror when Season 3 of Hannibal is less than a month away?!?!

Walter L. Hollmann said...

Regarding the sCREAM trailer: all the victims are the stars of MTV's current series -- the first actor we see is Ashley Rickards of AWKWARD, the second is Rita Volk from FAKING IT, etc., etc. So that's why it ends with Tyler.

Jason Adams said...

Walter - Thanks for that! I was actually going to guess that might've been the case; I'm clueless about what's on MTV right now though.

dinnerisserved1971 -- I agree!