Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Quote of the Day

I wasn't a fan of Mad Men - I suppose I didn't actively dislike the show, I always enjoyed what little of it I watched (Bob Benson Bob Benson Bob Benson) but I never got emotionally roped into it; I know in today's YAY OR NAY climate of entertainment gamesmanship that's akin to blasphemy, especially with a show as beloved as this one, but whatcha gonna do? I'm a loner, Dottie, A rebel. Aaaaanyway I watched the finale because my boyfriend loved the show and I figured why not, maybe it will end with Jon Hamm pulling out his dick and giving it a pep-talk a la Dirk Diggler. That didn't happen, sadly. But it did end with a little light man-on-man action, and Slate chatted with the lucky dude on Don's receiving end.
Slate: What was it like for you to get that hug with Don Draper? 

Evan Arnold: I’ve gotta say, you know he’s this big beautiful charming man, and his diaphragm and chest are right against me and heaving, basically … it’s like a romance novel. But it’s that odd juxtaposition where we hadn’t hung out, we didn’t have dialogue together, we didn’t practice together. I did my bit of business, he listened to me, he came over, and he hugged me. You know, we had a nice, cordial introduction on the set. He is a consummate professional, and then, as actors you engage. And it becomes intensely intimate at a moment’s notice, and of course, a brief moment.

You know it’s a lot like relationships itself, where doors open and they close, there’s a connection. Do you have the ability, are you willing to receive a connection? And my wife said, “I think that’s what the episode is about, when they titled it “Person to Person,” it was that moment when we two came together.” I said, “Oh, I thought it was just about the collect calls, person to person!”

That’s what’s fun about the titles and the writing of the script, it’s open to interpretation.

A lot of my friends are like “What was that like, Jon Hamm was all up in your action? What was it like?” It was fine, felt good. He’s a good hugger! I hope I was, too. 

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sowhatelse said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, but who was the hot piece next to them?