Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Punish Me Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy told Collider that he'd love to play Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, for Marvel. There have already been three movies made of the character - Dolph Lundgren played him in 1989, Thomas Jane played him in 2004 (mmmm Thomas Jane in The Punisher) and Ray Stevenson played him in 2008.

Hardy himself says he's too short for the character but I don't know, I think he'd be fine. He's got a big presence, ya know? I believe Marvel's talked about making one of their multiple Netflix series' for the character? I don't know that Hardy would be into that, being a movie star and all... although that said he has done plenty of little television - hello Peaky Blinders

Anyway all of this is making me realize I've somehow never seen the Dolph Lundgren version and I have to fix that immediately. it's weird how often the Ray Stevenson one pops into my head. There was some spectacularly gruesome violence in that movie; I should do a Thursday's Ways Not To Die post for it sometime.

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