Thursday, May 07, 2015

I Am Sensing Something, For Sure

Well I wasn't really expecting the Wachowskis to introduce their upcoming sci-fi series for Netflix called Sense8 with a glimpse of a man-on-man-on-man-on-woman fourgy, but then I really shouldn't put anything past those siblings. Okay that shot's only one second in well over a minute of footage - we also see Miguel Angel Silvestre!

Actually I really think that's Miguel in that bath orgy facing away from us - I've stared at his body often enough to know it pretty well. And we know that Miguel's playing a gay character already (see this post). Anyway the guy facing us in the orgy is definitely the German actor Max Riemelt...

... who previously played gay in the film Free Fall and is well well past due a gratuitous post here at this blog. Well until we get to that, here's the full trailer for Sense8, which arrives on Netflix on June 5th:

I was already excited about this show because of Miguel and the gay stuff but honestly I think this looks possibly terrific. Maybe the Wachowskis need long-form storytelling to get their ideas less jumbled? I guess we'll see in a few weeks!

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bendtmoerch said...

That's Stadtbad Neukölln!

Anyway, Jupiter Ascending was blegh, and I love Speed Racer and find Cloud Atlas an ambitious work with rough spots, but this is right *on* my alley.