Friday, May 08, 2015

I Am Link

--- Hot Boxed - Jake Gyllenhaal talked to People Magazine about his upcoming boxing movie Southpaw (see the hot trailer here and see the hot poster here) and says he's not eager to get ripped for another role, because damn he loves Twinkies, and all that white cream. Okay what he actually says is it's just a lot of effort, blah blah, I added the gay sex puns for my own personal enjoyment. I do what I can to make the days go by.

--- Box Office Magnolias - Over at The Film Experience Nat's taking a look back at the big hits of the 1980s that were led by actresses and noting how Hollywood's not showing any interest in remaking any of those films while the actor-centric hits are being remade left right and center. Tis a great point! As I mentioned in the comments Anna Faris was once upon a time supposed to remake Private Benjamin but that never happened and now she's been exiled to (a very successful and very lucrative career in) television.

--- Throw Me A Bone - I've been excited about the upcoming Cannibal Troglodyte Western starring Kurt Russell called Bone Tomahawk since Day One... hell well before Day One even, when it was supposed to co-star Timothy Olyphant and Peter Sarsgaard. Well the final product co-stars Patrick Wilson, Matthew Fox, and Richard Jenkins and we've now got a poster and I dig it. No release date yet though.

--- Mama Jason - So it seems the original Friday the 13th movie came out 35 years ago tomorrow - over at The Dissolve Matt Barone wrote up a nice little tribute to the film and its long and bloody legacy. I wish I'd planned something but after reading Matt's piece it seems pointless, he gets her done.

--- Red Flagg - If you're curious why Tom Hardy had to drop out of the Suicide Squad movie at the last minute and have his role taken over by Joel Kinnaman (who was recently injured on set - that role is a curse!) here he is talking about it; it's exactly the reason that was theorized at the time - that his movie The Revenant with Alejandro González Iñárritu was running over time-wise. Hardy doesn't sound happy about it either, which should come as no shock to any of you that read the rumors about him and Iñárritu getting into fist-fights on the set. Ahhhh yes I like to think about Tom punching Alejandro -- I do I do I DO.

--- Feeling Groovy - I feel as if the terrific trailer for the Wahcowskis Netflix series called Sense8 got a little bit lost yesterday coming as it did mere seconds before the Vacation trailer with Chris Hemsworth's dildo heard round the world, and that's a shame, so here's more - at BuzzFeed they've got some more info on what the show's about and who's playing who and so forth. (thanks Mac) I am definitely into this show already, and I'll be binging it as soon as it drops on June 5th. So expect more!

--- Super Stars - I haven't decided yet if Daredevil beats Agent Carter as the most accomplished superhero television ever, full stop (I'm talking even beyond the Marvel connection), but they're both smashing successes if you ask me and I am so so thrilled to hear that Agent Carter's getting a second season. Hayley Atwell is SUCH a treasure. Enver Gjokaj and Dominic Cooper ain't too shabby either, although if I had to guess I'd guess that Dom might be scarce in a second season since he's got his own show now. Oh and Agents of SHIELD got renewed but I've found the last several episodes of that bore-me-to-tears boring and have only been watching out of a sense of obligation. Also, I'm sad the SHIELD spin-off didn't get picked up but just because I'd have loved for those characters to go away, they're the literal worst.

--- And Speaking of SHIELD as well as Dominic Cooper's new show Preacher, Ruth Negga - who is one of the bright lights on the former and has joined the cast of the latter - has just signed on to star opposite Joel Edgerton in the new movie from Jeff Nichols, director of the fantastic Take Shelter. The movie's called Loving and it's about that eponymous case that the Supreme Court heard regarding mixed-race marriage. Negga is gonna be big, methinks. In fact I like her enough that I'll even not edit out of one of the pictures of her with half-naked Dom, who she dates in real life, for a change...

Damn her.


Sean said...

I have only seen a few episodes of Daredevil (loving it) and haven't seen any of Agent Carter so I can't really judge but "the most accomplished superhero television ever"? Even better than Buffy?! I find that impossible to believe.

JA said...

Touche, Sean! Buffy didn't even occur to me when I said "superhero" -- I was thinking specifically of the comics-originated standards, the men and ladies in tights and capes - but you are of course correct, and clearly Buffy is number one. GOOD CALL :)

Sean said...

PHEW! I can stop clutching at my pearls in horror now ;)