Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I Am Link

--- Like An Animal - We learn a few important things about Magic Mike XXL in this interview with Joe Manganiello - firstly, he'll be stripping to the Nine Inch Nails song "Closer" which... well let's just say that song pushes some happy buttons for me. He also says that Matt Bomer sings in this movie! Which is exciting. And Joe once again insists the movie's "out there," calling it "progressive" and "racy." Let's hope so, since Chocolate City (yes I still mean to review that; let's hope it happens today) shit the bed.

--- The Price of Carol - While we're just sitting around waiting to see Carol and feeling left out - even though we were writing about this movie way before anybody else gave a damn! Here's a post from NINE YEARS AGO where I said that Cate Blanchett should play the lead in a movie version, AHEM - director Todd Haynes has been lining up several new projects and Nat takes a look at them over at The Film Experience. I hadn't heard about Wonderstruck, the children's book adaptation yet and that sounds smashing.

--- Raptor Ready - Just about two weeks until Jurassic World opens - I bought my tickets this past weekend! Whee! I was inspired by all of those new Chris Pratt pictures, of course. Speaking of The Playlist gathered up all of the new images and clips from the movie and there were several I hadn't seen yet. The dinosaurs are starting to (finally) look tangible and less CG, thank goodness.

--- Spot Out Damn - I am not going to watch any of the clips from Justin Kurzel's MacBeth beforehand but hey if you're up for it here's the first two clips of Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard doing their Shakespearean thang. (thanks Mac) I'm also not really going to read any reviews beforehand but I did see a few tweets out of Cannes and they seemed very positive! And here's an interview with Fassy from Cannes - he mentions the movies he most wants to see are Yargos Lanthimos' The Lobster and Carol, so clearly my love for him has been justified all this time.

--- New Boy - I don't watch New Girl but they sure do have plenty of attractive menfolk over there so I know of New Girl, and so I similarly know of Max Greenfield. (See some of him here previously.) Well he's just signed on for what I assume is a small role in the next season of American Horror Story, which Ryan Murphy says will be showing us a Max like we've never seen before. I'm just feeling anxious that we haven't heard anything about Finn Wittrock returning, and since Max & Finn seem really similar to me that's making me more anxious.

--- Night Owls - There was a Twin Peaks fan event this past weekend and original stars Sherilyn Fenn and Sheryl Lee told the crowd that David Lynch (who's back on the new season; did I forget to post about that? I think I might have, somehow) will be directing a total of EIGHTEEN new episodes. Eighteen! And also original composer Angelo Badalamenti, so important in creating that world, will return as well. 

--- Lunch Laddy - A ton of pictures from Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, Netflix's prequel series to the cult hit, popped up online over the long weekend, huzzah! Click on over and see all of your favorite characters playing younger versions of themselves ten years later. I was most surpised by how on the money Janeane Garofalo looks since I saw her on the street a few weeks ago and she was practically unrecognizable.

--- Cool Girls - Amy Schumer and her sister (who writes and acts and produces Amy's show) are working on a script sticking a mother and daughter team into an action-comedy where the two women get woefully in over their heads while on vacation. I think it's safe to assume Amy's the daughter -- who would you cast as her mother? In last week's episode of the show having Jennifer Coolidge play her mother struck me as genius so I vote for her.


Anonymous said...

Please casting gods make Jennifer Coolidge the mom in Amy schumer's film! They were amazing together on inside Amy schumer.

mangrove said...

Pardon me for discussing poop semantics here but shouldn't it be "shat the bed"? Or "shits the bed"?

Okay I give up on the 3,000 word assassination (unless you made good use of your cell phone during that preview). Please just don't kill it with fire in 120 words.


Does Jesus save him from temptation at least?

George G said...

Ia that the makings of a muffin top on Max Greenfield??