Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I Am Link

--- Putting The Gore On - This is some super groovy news -- Hannibal creator and friend-of-MNPP Bryan Fuller is taking over the next print issue of Fangoria magazine as a "special guest editor" -- there will be Hannibal stuff, hooray, but also a ton of the usually awesome and wonderful idiosyncratic stuff we know Bryan adores. Listen to this awesomeness:

"... including an appreciation of Tony Scott’s stylish vampire classic THE HUNGER, a look at classic horror movie novelizations, a sneak peek at the impending remake of Stephen King’s IT, features on killer animal flicks, meals prepared and served within the pages of Bram Stoker’s DRACULA and so much more…"

--- And Speaking of Hannibal, that show gets name-dropped as a touchstone (it's going to be a future touch-stone for so much, you can already tell) for the team making MTV's Scream series, say the producers of the show to BuzzFeed.  They also mention Friday Night Lights and Twin Peaks.

--- Big Strip - Some muscle-head that's a regular on Ellen's show (supposedly her gardener - I suppose in Los Angeles gardeners look like him but I'm not sure I buy their whole spiel wholeheartedly) has a bit-part in Magic Mike XXL and he took her camera crew on set and yadda yadda Joe Manganiello and Channing Tatum and stripping oh my. I haven't actually watched this video yet; y'all can tell me whether it's actually worth my time (aka does he stumble upon the actors having an orgy?)

--- Gay of Thrones - Besides all the controversial raping going on over at Game of Thrones there's been another adjustment slash addition to the new season - the upping of the gay-bashing ante with the religious discrimination coming into play. And like Sansa's scene, I actually think this is another improvement from the books transition to screen. Also I couldn't remember how the Margaery stuff played out in the books until that link reminded me, so that was helpful.

--- Prickly Pair - Clive Barker has a brand new Pinhead book out this week called The Scarlet Gospels and my pal Sean interviewed the author over at Grantland. It's weird, one of my earliest memories of knowing Sean was walking past him interviewing Clive Barker like fifteen years ago. (We used to work together.) Full circle! Anyway I can't decide if I should read the interview before or after I read the book though, so I'm waiting. If one of you wants to bite the bullet, go to town, and let me know. Anyway Pinhead huzzah!

--- Lip Smacking - The first scene from Gaspar Noé's 3D porn flick Love (plus another NSFW due to female bits picture) has popped up thanks to Cannes and sexy providence, you can watch it over at The Playlist. It's that cute dude Karl Glusman (who we've taken note of a couple of times now) making out with two ladies for awhile, basically.Still no definite release date but it'll probably be sometime this year.

--- One Moore Man - This news is several days old but I keep forgetting to post it - Chris O'Dowd, so adorable in Bridesmaids and on Christopher Guest's show Family Tree (that show really grew on me; I wish it was coming back), is going to be the male lead in Nicole Holofceneer's next movie, the counterfieting one starring Julianne Moore that we told you about here. We love him, we love Nicole and we love Juli - love love!

--- Hacks Slash - The producers of the new Friday the 13th movie have heard our whining and complaining and they are not going to make the new one a found-footage film. I actually never had a huge problem with the found-footage thing; I've liked quite a few found-footage movies in my day... but it was maybe a weird fit with this specific franchise. But I could also see it being an interesting experiment, if they took it seriously. That said, these are the same guys who made the last godawful Friday movie, so I don't consider them terribly serious people. I don't know why they're behaving as if it's so goddamned complicated though - take one Jason Voorhees, add him to one Summer Camp full of male and female sluts, and press go. Ninety minutes later, the end. Voila, millions of dollars. I have been saying this for ages now.

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