Thursday, May 14, 2015

I Am Link

--- Fass of the Devil - Well this is the sort of unexpected treat that the internet was invented to give me and me alone -- here's House of the Devil director Ti West talking about (well actually reviewing, basically) Slow West. Do you think he was drawn by the movie's name? Is that his nickname in bed? Kidding, Ti! Anyway he loves the film as well he should, I already said it's great. Ti doesn't mention Michael Fassbender's longjohns though, which seems an egregious oversight.

--- And Speaking of Slow West (the movie not Ti West having sex) here's our pal Diana doing an interview with the great Ben Mendelsohn over at Slant about the movie, which is out in some theaters and on demand tomorrow, finally. Love the story that he tells about the fur coat in the film, and how he snatched it up for himself. 

--- Mad Ending - Do you guys watch Mad Men? I assume most of you do since you seem the type. I should be the type but I could never get into it and then it was too late and I'll never go back. Never! I've seen all the Bob Benson scenes and that's all that really matters. (See how I managed to sneak an excuse for that James Wolk picture in here? Like magic.) Anyway my pal Sean sees this weekend's finale coming and wrote up the best and worst series finales for Rolling Stone. Out of the ones I've seen I agree except I think he over-values the last episode of Breaking Bad a smidge; that robot-gun was awfully silly.

--- Being Hateful - I guess I'm as fickle as a Kansas twister because in theory, thanks to everything he's given me, I ought to be very excited about a new Quentin Tarantino movie, but because his last movie was probably my least favorite of all his movies I feel kinda meh about The Hateful Eight. It doesn't help that it's another Revenge Western - he might need to switch things up next time out. Anyway I know most of these pictures from TH8 have been online for a bit but I think a couple are new.

--- His Women - Mr. Miranda July, aka Beginners director Mike Mills (I will always refer tom him as "Mr. Miranda July" unless they get divorced in which case I'll refer to him as "the ex Mr. Miranda July"), has lined up his cast for his Beginners follow-up, called 20th Century Women, and it's a doozy - it will star Greta Gerwig, Annette Bening, and Elle Fanning as a trio of women from three generations surrounding one young man; Mills is basing it on his own childhood. 

--- Monster Mass - I think that every single person who read the news today that Samuel L. Jackson has taken on the role of "scientist" (or "biochemistry professor," whatever, same diff) in the upcoming remake of The Blob heard the exact same phrase in their heads all at once -- "I have had it with this motherfucking blob!" Thatt's probably too obvious - they should just re-enact his speechifying scene from Deep Blue Sea instead. Here's our previous post on the subject of this remake.

--- Fancy Carr - We told you a couple of weeks ago that Cary Fukunaga is set to turn Caleb Carr's as far as I remember it terrific book The Alienist into a miniseries for TNT - well they're really going for it: Variety's reporting that the studio is giving him five million dollars PER EPISODE to make the series. That's forty million bucks for the eight-episode run. Soembody's a True Detective fan over there!

--- The Fry Guys - Michael Keaton and Laura Dern are gearing up to make The Founder with the John Lee Hancock, director of The Blind Side and Saving Mr Banks - it's a true-story about the guy who built McDonalds into you know, what McDonalds is. Dern is playing his first wife. (thanks Mac) I find it interesting that Hancock's going from making a movie about Disney to making a movie about McDonalds though. I'm sensing an interest in American Corporate Identity. Anyway I hope he tells us about the original Hamburglar most of all, because WTF.


Bill Carter said...

Heresy! There is no way that the finale of Breaking Bad, the greatest TV show ever made, could be overrated. It was perfect.

JA said...

LOL Bill. I just think like 5% overrated. I thought it was very very good. But the robot-gun out of the trunk! It was maybe maybe just a smidge too much for me. ;)

Honestly the show shot its load two episodes too soon. OZYMANDIAS is where it's at. It was all come-down after that episode.