Monday, May 11, 2015

I Am Link

--- Dead Meat - On Friday we told you about cute-guy Rob Kazinsky's new television show The Frankenstein Code getting picked up; Rob's know via True Blood and Pacific Rim, to us. (He was also in this weekend's flop Hot Pursuit but let's leave that dog where it lays.) Well Rob's Facebook page has already uploaded the first few pictures from the show; that one to the right I think is just the generic "This is Rob Kazinsky" picture (meaning I don't think that's what Frankenstein will look like) but I like it, it being "his arms," so I'll post it.

---  Feminine Wilds - I ate an early lunch today so I can't say I am saving this article at Time from Vagina Monologues author Eve Ensler calling Mad Max Fury Road "a feminist action movie" to read over lunch like I usually do with these things, but I will read it when I have a minute today for sure. You might remember we'd heard awhile back that Ensler had been on the film's set to help set it apart, female-wise. Just 4 days! (thanks Mac)

--- Getting Revenge - A couple of super unrelated Stephen King tid-bits from the weekend - he and his son author Joe Hill wrote a short story together called "In the Tall Grass" (have you read it? I have not but it's apparently available as an e-book) and it's getting turned into a movie by Splice (and Hannibal!) director Vincenzo Natali. It's about a monster, in the grass, which is tall, or something. Second tid-bit: apparently Stephen King and I share a love of the TV soap Revenge, which just ended its 4-year run last night, and Yahoo published some of his emails to their writer about the show, and they made me laugh. Lots of gay! I'm gonna miss that dumb show. Also I'm gonna miss Nick Wechsler's hot short ass (or is that short hot ass) seen to the right in a new picture.

--- Men vs Machina - And add this one to the list of "things to do when I have a minute" -- the directors Edgar Wright and Alex Garland sat down and chatted about Garland's new sci-fi hit Ex Machina, and HitFix recorded the whole damn thing. It's almost half an hour long! That sounds right up my geeky alley. (thanks Mac)

--- The Long Cast - I've kind of given up on keeping up with James Franco's personal projects - there have been too many of middling quality to stay on top of. However reading yesterday that both Josh Hartnett and Ashton Kutcher have joined the cast of his latest one - an adaptation of William Gay's "southern Gothic" novel The Long Home also starring Josh Hutcherson - clearly grabbed my attention. Courtney Love is also listed on IMDb and I'm pretty sure Beth Grant's talked online about being in this movie. That's a lot of cast. Any of you read the book? 

--- Lake of Blood - Our pal Stacie Ponder took on one of our series last week over at Final Girl, using "Who Wore It Best?" to give love to one of our favorite horror movies and one of her favorite video-games. Hooray girls n' gore!

--- Professor Pate - I knew if I didn't post this picture the minute I saw it over the weekend it'd already be everywhere and I probably wouldn't bother, but what the hey maybe one of you missed it - James McAvoy finally shaved his head for the new X-Men movie and happily he's got a really nice skull under there. What it called attention to for me is his nose - James McAvoy's got a gorgeous nose and I don't think I'd noticed it before this picture. His gigantic eyes usually steal the thunder.

--- Stepping Back to Ex Machina for a minute - no I still haven't reviewed it, shame on me, but I think you ought to read my pal Sean's thoughts on the film that he posted over at his site; he's extremely critical of the film and made me think back on it in ways I hadn't while watching it, and now I almost feel as if I should see it again and consider it thru his insights.

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You really must write about Oscar Isaac's disco dancing in Ex Machina.