Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Hannibal Book Fan Rant

I jinxed myself again, you guys! Last Friday I told you guys about The Art & Making of Hannibal, a book highlighting the glorious art direction et cetera of Bryan Fuller's show. I'd ordered a hardcover special edition through Forbidden Planet that was signed by Mads & Hugh & Bryan, and I was giddy to the point of obnoxiousness about it... but you know, no more than usual. I was just being me. It was all meant in the spirit of dorky enthusiasm. Anyway naturally today I got an email from Forbidden Planet that my order's been cancelled, saying and I quote:

"Due to a high volume of orders which exceeded our allocation of stock supplied, we have regrettably had to cancel your order for this book. Please be assured you’ve not been charged for this title. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you."

Forbidden Planet was selling this book on a tiered pricing system. The first copies were 50 bucks, which was what I'd paid. (Or didn't, since I wasn't ultimately charged.) After that each batch went up by another fifty bucks. Well Forbidden Planet's sister company Titan Books still has copies of the limited edition, but they're selling them for 200 pounds (aka $304) now. 

So basically the way I'm interpreting this (call me crazy) is Forbidden Planet decided to cancel the orders of people who got the book for cheap now that they can make four times as much on it. And I'm not alone, from the way it sounds on Twitter:

So all I'm saying here is -- Fuck you, Forbidden Planet. What a shitty way to do business. I've been a loyal customer of theirs for years and years - I get all my comics through subscriptions on their site; I'm in their Union Square branch all the time.

ETA here's Forbidden Planet's reply on Twitter:


Marc said...

Oh so *that's* the explanation. I got my cancellation email earlier today and was very upset about it. Agreed, fuck Forbidden Planet. I was really excited about this :(

amola-tesouras said...

That really sucks.

I am *somewhat* relieved I only heard about the limited edition after it sold out... I'll just settle for the regular paperback!