Thursday, May 28, 2015

Gratuitous Michiel Huisman II

Wanna know who's hot right now? Michiel Huisman, Michiel Huisman is hot hot hot to death right now. Granted I've thought he was hot ever since I first laid eyes on him in Paul Verhoeven's film Black Book in 2006 (can you believe that movie's almost a decade old?) and we gratuitized him well before he became The Hot Thing. (Seriously, click on that link.) 

But we're in a place right now where I can't even keep up with the pictures being taken of him. On a lark I checked up on him earlier today and wham, there were suddenly fifty million new pictures. Fifty million! I counted! That's the real sign of hotness... besides, you know, hotness.

Because I tend to keep up with such things and if I'm falling behind somebody's certainly having a moment. Anyway also of note as of this specific moment is the news, new to me upon finding the pictures, that Michiel's currently filming a movie in Prague called Mountains and Stones with Josh Hartnett.

I love how every woman in that picture is just LOST in him. Anyway that movie's so fresh it's not even on IMDb yet, but he's wearing a military uniform in all the pictures from the set so I'm sold. Huisman + Hartnett had me already, of course.

Okay so we've got a ton of pictures to share!
Go on and hit the jump for them...


Anonymous said...

I'd be attracted to him if his ass wasn't pancake flat

Peggy Sue said...

I think he's the best thing that has ever happened in recent years.

JA said...

LOL Peggy Sue that reminds me of that Drew Barrymore commercial - he is THE NUMBER ONE MASCARA LAUNCH IN RECENT HISTORY. ;)

tanpoffel said...

@anon: He's a HOT PIECE OF FLAT ASS!!!