Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Good Morningish, McHale

We're getting a slightly late start today for reasons and so instead of the usual morning-themed money-shots let's go with an early lunch treat. Mmm tasty.

I'm guessing there's a When Harry Met Sally joke going on? (I'd like to introduce my harry to Joel McHale's sally, ba dum bump.) Have you guys been keeping up with Community now that it's absconded to internet places unknown? (In this scenario, that obscurity called Yahoo is playing the role of "unknown.") I haven't but I imagine I'll unhinge my jaw and swallow it whole once the season's done.

In related news, Joel was on James Corden's show this week alongside Oscar Isaac and... well, that happened. Lots...

... and lots of that happened. I suppose it's good Joel bent over though (not the first time I've wanted to say that phrase) because Oscar's so teeny tiny it kept Oscar from looking like a munchkin sitting on Joel's shoulder. If I'm going to imagine scenarios between the two of them it's going to involve lots of levers and pulleys and forced perspectives, is my point.

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Sandisan said...

I've watched the first four episodes of Community on yahoo, and it's pretty good. Still funny.