Friday, May 29, 2015

Do Dump or Marry: Only Refn's Men

When I watched Nicolas Winding Refn's Valhalla Rising earlier this week and got to eyeballing Mads Mikkelsen's beautiful strange face (see yesterday's Ways Not To Die post for more thoughts upon that) it struck me - Refn's next project, the horror flick The Neon Demon starring Elle Fanning as some kind of cannibal beauty, will be the first time he isn't mainly training his camera on the beautiful strange face of a manly man.

Three man-muses have batted their lashes for him so far, and we love them all dearly. He made Valhalla and the three films of the Pusher trilogy with Mads, he made Bronson with Tom Hardy, and he made Drive and Only God Forgives with Ryan Gosling. Wait... did I say three? Three calls for "Do Dump or Marry" fun! Take to the comments and tell us which of Refn's men you'd have one night stand with, which you'd give a big fat zero, and which you'd wanna spend the eternity of your every days after beside. Go!


yinzerella said...

K: Hardy
F: Gosling

joel65913 said...

Do: Tom
Dump: Mads
Marry: Ryan

Branden Renfro said...

Do Tom Hardy. He would throw you around.
Dump Mads. He seems a little off to me.
Marry Ryan. Need I say more.

Anonymous said...

you're a sick person for making us choose

Do: Tom (insanely attractive, but seems like he could be difficult to live with long-term)
Dump: Mads (insanely attractive, just not as much as the other two)
Marry: Ryan (insanely attractive, also seems like a sweet, funny, generous guy)

Gabriel Braga said...

Do (and be done) by Tom
Marry Ryan cause who wouldn 't want to wake up to that every morning?
Dump poor mads just because he isnt ryan or tom.

billybil said...

I'm definitely joining the majority here!

Do: Tom because he IS insanely attractive, would throw me around, he would DO me up good I'm sure, and definitely seems like he could be difficult to live with long-term - lol)
Dump: Mads because he of what Anonymous and Gabriel wrote (and maybe a little bit of Branden's point too)
Marry: Ryan because he IS insanely attractive AND also seems like a sweet, funny, generous, sensual man - NEED I SAY MORE?

Thanks for your guys who responded before - I hardly had to think up any words of my own!

J.D. Alexander said...

DO: Ryan
Marry: Tom
Dump(sorry): Mads (I actually own a shirt like that, lol)

John K said...

do: Ryan
marry: Tom ...Because i suspect Ryan doesn't look like Ryan when he wakes up, but Tom always looks like he just woke up
dump Mads ...cause he is sooooo good at being Hannibal

jessica maria said...

Dump Ryan! I find Gosling totally unattractive - his voice really grates.

The other two are much harder...
I'd probably Do Tom Hardy
and Marry Mads... the man is beautiful and enigmatic.