Friday, May 15, 2015

Colin Cleaned Up For Cannes

I know I was just oogling Colin (the extra "o" is for extra obnoxiousness) earlier this week when he was romping around that parking lot half-naked but even through my drool I could see he was having a rough moment, hotness-wise - I mean I still would have bonked him til next Tuesday, I always would, but I would've had to shower right after. What a difference a haircut and a bath and a nice suit makes then! I'd hit it and leave his stank on me now! See more pictures here. Oh and The Lobster's gotten great reviews from France, so that's awesome too, if we're actually talking about "movies" or whatever. (In related news of this hot sort you should also see these pictures of Tahar Rahim at Cannes yesterday.)

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