Monday, May 04, 2015

Cavill Goes Wild

I'm not entirely sure of the timing on all of this but apparently Henry Cavill did what Brit lads do I believe over this past weekend and went to a rugby match and got totally sloshed...

... and took tons of pictures with fans 
which involved him getting sloppier and sweatier...

... and more unbuttoned and frisky
as the night wore on. And it should be said...

... more interesting, too. I like this Henry. 

This Henry wags his tongue 
and hangs out in locker-rooms...

... and puts celebratory bowls on his head. 
This Henry seems like a blast.

It's a shame we never get to see him
this loose on screen, ya know? 

It seems as if all the testosterone helps.

You know, loosen him up.


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He is sooo cute