Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Always Bettany On Jake

Even after all these years (that picture's gotta be ten years old) I've still never sussed out why Jake and Paul Bettany were photographed together. They've never co-starred in anything. All this time I've just been telling myself that the photographer was the third dude in their threeway and captured the post-coital glow, and I'm fine sticking with that.

Anyway Mr. Bettany is turning 44 today and it's turning out to be a good year for him so far - his turn as The Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron was really well-received; most people seem to have accepted him into the avenging fold with open arms. Which is nice since we've been rooting for him ever since we used to ride the subway with him and his kids every day and he was super tall and porcelain pretty in person. Happy birthday, Paul!

Which is hotter? Paul Bettany...

... with wings, in Legion0%
... with a cape, In Age of Ultron0%

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Anonymous said...

Bettany/Dunst shot Wimbledon in London, during the second half of 2003. This photoshoot is dated 2/'03 London. Looks like pre-production and overlaps Dunst/JG era.