Thursday, April 16, 2015

Pics of the Day

If there's one thing that Aidan Gillen taught Charlie Hunnam during their time together on Queer as Folk a decade and a half ago it was "Ask and ye shall receive." In the spirit of that truism, I asked and I received! Yesterday when I realized that the original QAF stars were both in Guy Ritchie's new movie Knights of the Roundtable I begged and I pleaded for them to be reunited on-screen, and via these shots from the set it looks like it shall come...

... to pass! Huzzah! I was a little thrown off by Aidan's costume change - in the pictures we posted on Tumblr of him on the set he was all knighted up and his hair was darker...

... while in those top two pics with Charlie he's clearly meant to be much older. I wonder who he's playing? IMDb is still no help.

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