Monday, April 27, 2015

Jamie Dornan Gets Shafted, Part II

I tried to watch Fifty Shades of Grey last night but only made it about 3/5ths of the way in - I might try to finish it tonight, I might not. The entire thing is so desperately embarrassing I find it even more unfathomable a phenom than I did before just on word alone. Unsexy, over-lit, bumbling -- it brings up a lot of adjectives, none of them kind to the folks that made EL James so so rich. I mean I hold no more scorn for this property than I do all of the great big dumb boy movies that get made and are so very popular (I am of a mind that a lot of the vitriol aimed at Grey seems sexist) but scorn they all deserve nonetheless. That said obviously Jamie Dornan's a hot piece of ass even if I'm cringing at everything else, and now that there's a higher quality copy of this movie on the internet than there was when I posted the momentary cock-flash back in February, I feel it's up to me to post the fresh new gifs accordingly. (You'll want to click these for embiggening.) Hit the jump for it...


Yummy Pizza said...

Bless you, Jason.

glows said...

I watched the movie a while ago and it was very disappointing. And I'm not even talking about trivial nonsense people kept talking about but just the quality of it. I thought the actors lacked chemistry, miserable dialogue even if it mirrors the book, and complete censorship of anything remotely sexual! I mean, come on, the sexual relationship is what sold all those copies, the intensity, the fire but in this movie is needed its pilot lit. I feel bad for anyone who read the books (even just the first one) and shelled out money to watch it in theaters.

Now I may have seen a censored version because it was so choppy in scenes, the movie was over 2 hours so I don't think so. The run time too is ridiculous especially at the pace the film keeps you at. I could go on and on but I think I'm starting to sound like some crazed fangirl but I really am not. I just find the film poorly executed and felt it could have been very different under different direction.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I’m probably late but is this even him in the shot?
I mean there are naked pics of him out there who prove that he doesn’t shave his dick.
But I’ve read that they used body doubles for some scenes in the first movie?
So that could be his body double since we can only see from the naval below