Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Gyllen To Gyllen Fro

I'm actually kind of proud of myself that I can't remember what Jake's German Shepherd is named - once I upon a time I knew that his previous dogs were both named for To Kill a Mockingbird characters (yes, Atticus and Boo), but I guess I only have enough room in my head for two of Jake Gyllenhaal's Dog Names because this one, it's just not there. (Although now that I check IHJM, where this picture came from, they're telling me this dog is named Leo. Whither Dill???) Anyway I find that picture strange and wonderful, what with jake's spazz-hair and that creepy man in the distance. I wish I was that creepy man. I always wish I was That Creepy Man.

I was over at IHJM checking to see if they had the Southpaw poster up yet, which we just posted here, and saw they did and they also have the first picture of the poster for Everest, which somebody snapped at CinemaCon. I can't remember if I'd ever posted that picture of Jason Clarke in the movie, so there's that too. 

Thinking about Everest makes me sad though, because I was forced via a cease-and-desist to take down those pictures of Jake naked on the set that leaked online last March. I mean clearly I still have the images on my hard drive and I can look at them whenever I want to. And they're still all over the internet in other places. But I hate not sharing here! Jake's ass is for all the world!

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