Thursday, April 02, 2015

Do Dump or Marry - The Day After Fools

When we wished Michael Fassbender a happy birthday this morning commenter Joel (Hi Joel!) pointed out that April 2nd is actually a day chockablock with Hunks (tm Kit Harington) having slipped outta their mommas and into our hearts, and sure enough besides Michael there are several. Like Marvel man Clark Gregg, who's turning 53 today! Or...

... what about these three? From left to right that's Magic Mike rump-shaker Adam Rodriguez (he's turning 40), the sex viper known as Pedro Pascal (he's also turning 40), and prison baby Chris Meloni (he's turning 54). Indeed, what about those three? I want you to Do Dump or Marry them in the comments! Have at them...


Mads said...

DO: Christopher.
DUMP: Adam.
MARRY: Pedro.

Adam would've had a shot at both sex and marriage if his CSI: Miami character hadn't been so annoying.

joel65913 said...

Hey JA thanks for the shout out.

They are all quite tasty dishes so I'd hate to dump any but if I had to pick Pedro Pascal would have to go, Do Adam Rodriguez and of course Christopher Meloni to marry so I could do him whenever I wanted.

eL said...

I agree with Mads...

I'd do Meloni cuz of that ass of his
Dump Adam maybe after fondling him
And marry Pedro and lock Sarah Paulson in the basement

Bucky said...

Do Pedro
Dump Adam
Marry Meloni

Wyatt Renfro said...

I would DO Chris Meloni all over the place. Worship that ass all day.

DUMP Pedro Whatever He Last Name. Don't know him. Sorry about it.

MARRY Adam Rodriguez. We would look good together.

kidwicked said...

Do Pedro
Marry Christopher
Dump Adam