Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Casting In Cold Blood's Killers

Was 2006 really so long ago that the internet doesn't have any pictures of Lee Pace and Daniel Craig doing press together for Infamous, the "other" Truman Capote biopic? No pictures of them tickling each others ribs, tweaking each other's cheeks... nothing? What a waste. Why even make a movie if you're not gonna give us that stuff? 

Aaaanyway perhaps you heard the news that an In Cold Blood miniseries is about to be made? This got me thinking about how gosh-darn hot they made Perry Smith and Dick Hickock in this movie, and then I got to thinking about...

... how Clifton Collins Jr and Mark Pellegrino (mmm Mark Pellegrino) weren't too shabby a jail-bait fantasy in Capote either. And clearly from there my thoughts spun back in time to...

... the originals, Robert Blake and Scott Wilson in 1967's In Cold Blood. Yes, the movies have been romanticizing these fellas for decades. It's only right at this point we should take a look at the actual real-world murderers these actors were all hired to portray...

In general they've all been pretty good casting, haven't they? Bringing me to my ultimate question: if you were casting the new In Cold Blood miniseries, who would you hire? Both Hickock and Smith were in their early to mid 30s when all the events Capote documented took place, so they can both be played by somewhat established actors. My picks are Jonathan Tucker for Hockock and Emile Hirsch for Perry.

Who would you cast?

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