Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Bring The Horror Home With You

We told you a few weeks back that the insanely bizarre 1989 horror flick Society was getting a big fancy blu-ray release this summer - well some more news has dropped about just how fancy, and it's fancy! The movie's been remastered, the artwork on the disc is...

... insane, and besides the heaps of behind-the-scenes docs and what-not there'll also be a comic book sequel called Society: Party Animal included in the set. One can only imagine what body horrors await. The only thing that's throwing me off is the release dates on Amazon (May 19th) and Arrow Video's website (June 8th) are different, but they appear to be the same product in the pictures.

In other horror-at-home news, I just spotted a couple of awesome new-ish blu-ray collections last night... if you didn't make it to the Anthology Film Archives recent celebrations of the Italian Giallo genre then why not make your own - first a three-disc Dario Argento set just came out, and thankfully it limits itself to a trio of early films: 1971's The Cat o' Nine Tails, 1975's phenomenal Deep Red, and 1980's Inferno. All of those titles are worth seeing. 

And a similar set was also released for Argento's countryman Lucio Fulci! The three films included 1980's City of the Living Dead (that's the one where the woman barfs up her guts - good times), 1981's The House by the Cemetery, and 1982's The New York Ripper. These are all also worth seeing! What a coup!

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Josh said...

The release has been pushed back to June 8th, Amazon just hasn't updated their page yet.

I'm excited for this, but the new art is woeful. Not only does it spoil the fun of the climax, it looks like bad Troma fanart. The original poster art was MUCH better. It'll still look good next to my beautiful Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 set from Arrow, they really knock things out of the park in terms of releasing complete packages. They could also give Scream Factory a lesson on how to do proper encodes.