Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bosom Brothers

The first trailer for Legend, the movie that's got Tom Hardy playing the Kray twins (see previous posts here and here), has arrived and sure enough it's filled to the brim with hot Hardy on Hardy action. Well not literally unfortunately, they're keeping the twincest for late in the marketing game, I guess. 

Okay the Krays weren't actually incestuous (not that I've heard) but one of them (Ronnie) was bisexual... actually he was probably full-tilt gay, but this being the 1950s or so he was already getting away with plenty. Kingsman stud Taron Egerton's playing one of Ronnie's boyfriend I guess, and according to DH he calls the movie "aggresively sexual" so um yeah let's look forward to that then!

The 1990 movie The Krays (which is available to stream on Netflix now, by the way) was big in my formative years - my parents thought I was watching a good old fashioned gangster movie but plopped down in the middle: gay stuff!

Let's hope Tom can do for today's thirteen year old what that earlier movie did for me. (not that today's thirteen year old have as hard of a time finding gay stuff as I did, the lucky little assholes.) Anyway let's watch the trailer!

There's one shot they really should've left out, though...

In theory the sight of two Tom Hardys smashing up against one lucky man in the middle (that man being Christopher Eccleston here) should've been the trailer's highlight, but they need to work on their face-transplant special effects some more because goddamn Tom-Hardy-on-the-left's face is scary!


Okay that's better Tom & Taron playing with their guns in the backseat of a car, that I can deal with. Wipe the scary uncanny CG face memory away like it never happened.

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