Wednesday, April 29, 2015

All The Ryan Phillippe News You Can Abuse

These pictures of Ryan half-naked on that current show of his (via) might've been better used as tomorrow's "Good Morning, World" post but I don't feel like waiting to post on the two bits of RyPhil news floating about so we'll just use these as illustration anyway. Consider it "Good Afternoon Delight, World" then. 

Aaaanyway first bit! We finally have a release date for the long-awaited director's cut of the 1998 sex-n-disco flick 54! (See previous posts here and here.) It's getting put out onto "Digital HD" on June 2nd, says Vulture. Thing is, last night that link said it would be released via "VOD" but by this morning they changed it - can someone school me on the difference between "Digital HD" and "VOD" then? Does "Digital HD" mean a specific place, like iTunes? I feel so un-hip, not knowing the lingo.

Okay second bit! Ryan was on Howard Stern this morning - and am I nuts or is he on that show all the time? I feel like I'm always reading about him being on Howard Stern. I could see them getting along though - and I guess he said that he's in talks with Netflix and Marvel right now about playing... somebody. He didn't say who. At that link they're speculating he could be playing Iron Fist, which is one of the four big characters they're creating shows for (they already did Daredevil; next up Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, and Luke Cage. I don't know anything about Iron Fist - anybody wanna school me on that too? Take me to school, folks!


eL said...

He's so gorgeous. Keeps getting better looking with age. Oh and the character is Jessica Jones, not Jennifer :)

JA said...

Right! Thanks for the fix, eL :)