Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Who Wore It Best?

Speaking of Fassbender, yesterday somebody snapped a shot of a poster portraying him as Steve Jobs - I am guessing it's from the set of Danny Boyle's movie (the dude who posted it is getting bitched out on his Instagram account about breaking nondisclosure agreements) but who knows, and the quality's crappy anyway. But it gives us our best look yet (unless you count this as a good look which, no).

Who wore it best?

Michael Fassbender0%
Steve Jobs0%


1 comment:

Ima Humper said...

Oh my god, I'm loathe to admit it but Ashton Kutcher does look A LOT more like Steve Jobs than ol' Assbender ever will. He's probably just going to translate the "spiritual essence" of Jobs to the big screen or something. :/