Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Which is Hotter?

Which is hotter?
Chris Hemsworth surfing0%
Christian Bale surfing0%
Sorry for doing this to you Christian Bale, but you brought it on yourself, going surfing in public during the same period that Chris Hemsworth went surfing in public. There should be a two-week moratorium on anybody taking their clothes off before and after Chris Hemsworth does the same, because otherwise ya just lose.

And I say all this thinking that Christian looks the best here he has in a long time too! Sure the facial hair has gotten to be a bit much, but he looks healthy for a change, which is a big deal. It's just bad lousy timing, dude. Sorry.


Joey said...

Chris Hemsworth. Always Chris Hemsworth

Unknown said...

As soon as i saw the post, i thought exactly the same thing.. Such bad timing chistian bale.. ://

Anonymous said...

Bale is a decade older and looks amazing...props to him!!!