Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I Am Link

--- Queer Pioneer - There are a couple of great series coming up at movie-houses here in New York City that I feel the need to mention, even if only briefly. First, MoMA is doing a retrospective of queer-punk Bruce La Bruce's films (stuff like Hustler White and Raspberry Reich) at the end of April - the most awkward movie-going experience of my life was in college sitting between my best friend and this guy I had a huge crush on while watching the X-rated version of Skin Flick, which is basically skinhead porn. I know I put on an aggressive front here at the blog but in real life I'm kind of a wallflower and I was not comfortable in that place! Point being I probably won't go to any of these movies because I'm too shy but I do think BLB can be interesting. Behind closed doors. (I really like Otto, or Up With Dead People.)

--- Slasher Up - The other exciting movie series coming up here in New York is Anthology Film Archive's second Giallo series - the first one a couple of years ago was a trip and a half and they've got some great titles lined up for this sequel, including stuff by Argento and Bava and Lenzi and Fulci and all the big names in Italian yellow. Anthology's website is still stuck in the dark ages so read this piece at Fangoria, it's easier to rifle through the titles that way.

--- Maxwell Man - I considered doing this as a "Quote of the Day" but it's actually kind of vague a quote when I looked at it so we'll just stick it here instead - Queerty has a nice little interview with 70s and 80s stud Maxwell Caulfiend (I guess he's doing some play right now) and he talks about the experience of being a hot piece of ass in New York City before AIDS wrecked everything and oh, such wistful thoughts, thinking about sleeping with Maxwell Caulfield in 1978 or so. (See some fine pictures of vintage Maxwell here.)

--- Big Beasts - Yeah yeah I know this news is like a week old but I haven't done one of these link round-ups since it broke so sue me - Cary Fukunaga's flick with Idris Elba, the African child-soldier drama Beasts of No Nation, was bought by Netflix for 12 million smackeroos. They plan on gunning for Oscar gold with it too - we'll see how well the movie-theaters comply; they're already grumbling about Netflix's release plans, which will probably include a quick switch-over to online after a theatrical run.

--- Pratt & Chan - So apparently the news about the Dude Ghostbusters movie with Channing Tatum last night was slightly bungled by Sony - it's not about an alternate Male Team of Busters, but rather it's going to spin off of Feig's movie and be about Channing and Chris Pratt (!!!), who are friends or something in the same universe that Melissa McCarthy & Friends are fighting the ghosts in. And there are plans for a third movie where everybody teams up, Avengers-style. Studios really just aren't even pretending to try anymore, are they?

--- Deep Water - I love it when somebody else does all the work for me - DH rounded up a few new images from movies of interest and there actually are several shots of interest to us for good (well gratuitous reasons) - there's the first picture of Taron Egerton, recently seen as the hot lead piece in Kingsman: The Secret Service, buddying up with his new co-star Hugh "Hands On A Hard Twink" Jackman while wearing ski-spandex. There's a picture of Luke Evans in a wet wifebeater for High Rise, Ben Wheatley's daptation of JG Blallard's book. And there's a picture of Garrett Hedlund doing what he do, being beautiful. Oh and Chiwetel Ejiofor in a suit.

--- Find Me A Find - I haven't properly linked up to The Film Experience's annual "We Can't Wait!" series yet so let's do that - here's the newest entry: coming in at #12 is The Dressmaker, which stars Kate Winslet and Judy Davis and that's all you need to know before you buy your ticket, really. There are links therein for the earlier couple of entries, which include the new Tarantino (yes) and the new Malick (no!).

--- The Faceless Man - I s'pose this is spoilery but who cares, it's great news - German hot-piece Tom Wlaschiha (see just how hot he is in this gratuitous post) is definitely returning to A Game of Thrones; he hasn't been on since the second season, but it would appear that Arya want his hotness back in her life, as do we. She's grown so super wise. Anyway we'd heard this rumored but now it's for sure. Given the nature of his character he could've been recast so phew, bullet dodged!

--- And Finally here is the latest trailer (via) for San Andreas, aka that earthquake movie starring The Rock. (See previous trailer here.) I love disaster movies so so much and I am so on-board for this, especially if they keep highlighting Carla Gugino running around in five-inch heeled boots and jeans it took four people to get her into. (Pictures of Colton Haynes getting gang-banged by firemen also don't hurt.) Bring on the ridiculousness!!!


Anonymous said...

Maxwell Caulfield was so unbelievably gorgeous back then.

By the way the Telegraph has some nice photos of Matthias Schoenaerts.

Jason Adams said...

Ooh yes they do - thanks Anon!

Bill_the_Bear said...

You should at least go to see Gerontophilia, which is a rather charming little movie. (Walter Borden, who plays the older love interest, is up for Best Actor at the Jutras, the Québec film awards, though I presume he'll lose to Antoine-Olivier Pilon, who starred as Steve in Mommy.)