Thursday, March 26, 2015

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Female Voice: T- D, S- Z- Th, B- T- V, H- T- D- K- G, S- Z- P- B, Ba-Ba- T- T, K- Kuh- Ch, Th- V- Th, Zzz- Sss- Bzz- Ch, B-B-Buh- V-V-Vuh, G-G-Guh D-D-Duh. B-B-Buh- B-B-Buh, B-B-Beh, B-B-Beh, Bah, N-N-Nuh- N-N-Nuh, N-N-Nuh- No. N-N-Nuh, F- Feel- Field, Fill- Filled- Filts, Foil- Failed- Fell, Felds- Pill- Pills, Pall- Nall. Foal- Foals, Fold- Fold, Pool- Pool, Sell- Se... 
Jonathan Glazer's probable masterpiece (it is probably a little early to fling around the word, but still,  this sucker's a good pile of movie)  is going for less than fifteen bucks on Amazon this week! I think I'll finally scoop up my copy, I've been clamoring to rewatch.

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