Thursday, March 05, 2015

Adam Driver Six Times


(via) I know Adam drives (ha ha get it) some of you up the wall but I think he's pretty super, and the interview attached to these pictures is a good one. I mean, he gives props to Dianne Wiest! How can you not love somebody who gives props to Dianne Wiest?

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dk468 said...

Does he say anything /divulge about his ethnic background?
This is from 3 years ago Adam Driver has never stated his racial heritage.

You had the nerve to admit that you were "a marine= a murderer", but you don't have the integrity to acknowlege that you are a person of color?
how do you muster up the courage to pretend to make love to such a ugly Jewish girl?

anyhoo, diane wiest has the sweetest, shyest, most enchantingly eye overwhekming smile, so you are not all loser, you ever so ambiguously white man!
I know the word sqaw but what do you call an First Nation girl who comes to live with the palefaces? :-p