Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Today's Fanboy Delusion

Today I'd rather be...

... taking a meeting with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Guess who watched the long lost David O. Russell film Nailed last night? Nobody, that's who. Because it's not called Nailed anymore, it's called Accidental Love now, and it's "directed" by "Stephen Greene." So guess who watched Stephen Greene's film Accidental Love last night? This dude!

And I really expected more of a disaster. I mean it's not really good - tonally it's walking a tight-rope that's not there, like that split second after the split second the coyote walks off the cliff and hovers in the air - it's the moment when the coyote is straight up falling. Nothing comes together correctly. And it's hard to really hold it against anybody because of what a clusterfuck the shoot was and in its current state who knows what they even had to work with, or who was working with what there was to work with in order to get this franken-movie out. So really it's best to just watch it for bits, and the wonder of what could've been. 

And there are charming little bits! Maybe I was colored a bit by the touching tribute he was given during the SNL 40th anniversary special this weekend but Tracy Morgan was especially a joy to behold - the zaniness the movie was working very very hard for just comes effortlessly to him. Jessica Biel's role is a thankless mess, all over the map for a gag, but she and Jake have a sweet chemistry. And Jake is there! That's a plus no matter what. Okay so it never really amounts to a "movie" so much, and you should temper your expectations. But it's perfect for playing in the background while you're doing your taxes, is what I'm saying. I speak from experience.

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