Thursday, February 05, 2015

This House Is Clean (Of Me)

I got places to go, places to be, people to see! Here's the deal, folks - I'm outta town for the next several days. I'll be off-blog til Wednesday. Per usual if you see any news you think might tickle my toes or curl my fancy leave a comment here at the blog below, or tweet me, or send me an envelope filled with white powder in the mail - whatever. The usual. Catch ya on the flipside!


olins said...

We all know this post is really about those white pants.

dk468 said...

So... whom are you eloping with again for a sorid affairette this time now? lol

Anonymous said...

Aren't you ever coming back?

Jason Adams said...

I'm back, Anon! Missing me is so sweet though :)